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replica hermes australia The iconic Hermes Birkin bag, originally designed for the actress Jane Birkin, is now one of the most desirable and sought-after bags in the world. A firm favorite of celebrities worldwide, the Birkin bag exudes class, elegance, and luxury. Please note that not all our Hermes Birkin bags are listed online – request our full stocklist or use our personal shopper service to source your perfect Hermes Birkin piece.

How do I know I’m buying a genuine Hermes bag?

replica hermes birkin 35 Bags of Luxury is a registered UK company and we pride ourselves on our integrity and reliability. There are several factors that ensure you can trust us and that our Hermes handbags are truly authentic. Bags of Luxury have been trading for over 8 years and we have a flawless reputation.

replica hermes picotin We take extensive measures to ensure that each Hermes bags or accessory for sale is 100% authentic and also in pristine condition. We have a large number of loyal customers and we are not prepared to see our reputation blemished in any way. We are 100% committed to only offering the absolute best in quality and service when it comes to luxury goods.

replica herme bag Authentic Hermes Bags Being a formally registered company (Company No: 7071536) means you can easily enquire at Companies House in the UK regarding our legitimacy. Many re-sellers are not formal companies and consequently, it is very risky transferring funds or doing business with them, especially should something go wrong.

hermes replica bags Every single one of the Hermès handbags for sale at Bags of Luxury is assessed meticulously. Selling a fake is a criminal offense and we take this extremely seriously. See our Hermes authenticity guide for a detailed look at how to tell a genuine Hermes bag from a fake bag. Bags of Luxury do not sell on sites such as eBay as this is where most fakes can be found so we do not wish to be selling in this arena.

Our terms and conditions are there to protect a buyer and clearly state your legal position should there be any issue with your bag. View our terms and conditions.

For any handbag available in London, we offer a preview service. If you can’t preview a bag then we can send you any images you require.

replica birkin bag hermes price list Please view our extensive range of authentic Birkin, Kelly and Constance bags and Hermes accessories. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding authenticity via email or our inquiry form.

Ultimate Hermes Handbag Checklist

replica garden party hermes Sometimes your heart just skips a beat when you lay eyes on a truly special accessory or outfit you know you just have to have. The love affair with your Hermes will go on for many moons… And perhaps surpass other love affairs along the way! Aside from this heady mix of endorphins, one must always assess the checklist below before finally taking this new addition home.


Always check the authenticity before buying your first Hermes handbag:

• The shape of the bag and the quality of the leather or skin

• The bag can stand up on its own four feet

• Perfectly spaced tight slanted stitching (always going in the same direction)

• Embossed markings on one of the closure straps showing the year of manufacture

• Gilt markings located on the front face under the flap

• Your bag should also be supplied with a couchette lock and two keys

• The clochette is made from one piece of leather

• Each new bag comes with packaging & accessories (see list below)

• Finally check the Hermès accent on the embossing, gilt and lock

Use our Hermès Authenticity Guide for a more comprehensive (and illustrated) guide to the key things to look out for.


Any new Hermès bag should be in pristine condition. Imperfect bags do not leave the manufacturer so any defects will be a clear indication of a fake bag.

3. Color

replica birkin bag price Consider the color well. The most practical choices are the neutral shades – and if they are in a limited edition shade then all the better. If you are keen for a bright vivid color – then the reds, blues and the ‘H’ Hermes orange are also great first choices. Use our Hermès Colour Chart to view the range of colors available.

hermes skins Epsom togo


hermes belt replica Choose a durable leather. Togo – on the right – is the most popular leather, a cowhide with a natural grain. Epsom leather – on the left – is also very sought after as it maintains the shape of the bag very well and is more water resistant than some of the other leathers. Epsom has a man-made grain. Ostrich and lizard are extremely hard to find these days as Hermes rarely make bags in these skins.


Your new Hermes handbag will come in its Hermes orange box with ribbon. Each new bag will also come with the following:

• Hermes herringbone cloth bag

• Clear stickers on all hardware

• Clochette and two keys

• Strap for Kelly bags

• Hermes care card for leather / exotic skin

• Hermes raincoat (to protect the bag if it rains, snows…)


replica hermes taschen If you can’t find the bag you are looking for on our site or you need advice on what bag to buy your Hermes heirloom please use our sourcing service. Our experts can call on a network of collectors and clients throughout the world, each offering an exceptional selection of authentic Hermes bags and accessories for you to choose from.

hermes kelly replica For status and craftsmanship, few handbags rival the Hermès Birkin. Kim Kardashian, Bethenny Frankel Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell are just a handful of the celebrities who have been spotted with them. And Cate Blanchett toted one throughout Woody Allen’s latest movie, “Blue Jasmine,” in the role of Jasmine Francis, who moved from wealthy Manhattan socialite to destitute mental wreck after her husband’s Ponzi scheme was exposed.

hermes sandals replica That bag was supplied by the manufacturer – part of a stash of loaners it circulates to advertisers and movie makers. But in real life, the Birkin is in such hot demand that Dallas-based Heritage Auctions is offering 78 of them, more than a third in pristine condition, at its Sept. 23 luxury accessories auction in Beverly Hills.

birkin replica “Birkins are the most sought-after bag in the world and have been for a long time,” says Matthew Rubinger, director, luxury accessories at Heritage. (He’s profiled in my post, “How One Millennial With A Liberal Arts Degree Landed A Six-Figure Job.”) Therefore they hold their value as a collectible. One of the more valuable Birkins coming up in the latest auction is an electric blue 35cm crocodile with an indigo chevre (goat) interior and gold hardware in pristine condition. The starting bid is $30,000 and it is expected to fetch $60,000 to $70,000.

For a slideshow of Birkins from the recent Heritage auction, including final sale prices, click here. (And there are bags for cat lovers too.)

replica hermes bag 2018 Most people who pay that much money for a handbag don’t intend to use it and even those who think they will are reluctant to once they own it. But these bags are really made to “be worn and carried and loved,” Rubinger says. While you’re paying for the name, you’re also getting superior quality and even if you make the Birkin a workhorse, it’s still a good investment. A “carefully used” one typically fetches between 80% and 120% of what the previous owner paid for it. In contrast, a lesser brand handbag in the same condition can be resold for only about 10% of what the original owner spent. “So if you can afford it, you’re making a better economic decision to buy a special piece that’s going to hold its value.”

hermes birkin replica If you buy a pristine Birkin at auction, you pay a premium over what you would pay at an Hermès shop, where a bag like the pristine electric blue croc must be special ordered, says Rubinger. Since high-quality ostrich skins have become hard to find, Hermès has stopped making bags of these skins, they are only available at auction and buyers to pay a premium for those, too.

birkin bag replica But if really want a Birkin you can use and don’t mind the idea of one that has been pre-owned, buying at auction could be a bargain. For example, the starting bid for a 2006 bag in very good to an excellent condition like the one that Cate Blanchett carried in “Blue Jasmine” is $3,500. To buy a 2013 version of that bag at Hermès would cost about $11,000. A spokesman for Hermès declined to comment.

replica hermes birkin price On the secondary market, Birkins are available not only at auction, but also at some brick-and-mortar consignment stores (see Wendy Goffe’s post, “Consignment Shop Treasures: Where To Go And What To Buy”), and online through luxury purveyors like Portero and The RealReal, both of which guarantee authenticity. Starting with the Sept. 23 action, Heritage will issue a certificate of authenticity with every handbag sold. That paperwork can be used when ensuring the bag, selling it in the future, or giving it as a present to someone who wants to know it’s the real thing.

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 A seller’s guarantee of authenticity gives you legal recourse if what you buy turns out to be a fake, but it’s still wise to familiarize yourself with the brand’s hallmarks. With Hermès bags they include hand stitching; fine leathers and a serial number on each bag. (See my post, “How To Spot A Fake Designer Handbag.”)

Whether you’re a first-time Birkin buyer or an auction neophyte, Rubinger offers the following tips for price-conscious shoppers.

replica hermes usa Check condition. Assuming you really want to use the bag, buy the best possible condition you can afford that is not labeled “pristine” (meaning as new as if you bought it in an Hermès store). One labeled “excellent” in the auction catalog looks new from a foot away but isn’t – for instance because the protective plastic isn’t on the hardware anymore. “Very good” means it’s been used casually; maybe the corners are slightly scuffed or the handles have darkened. “Good” means worn.

replica hermes belt Don’t rely only on the photos in the glossy auction catalog – also go online. Though descriptions in printed catalogs tend to be cursory when an item isn’t in pristine condition you may be able to find a fuller explanation online for the auctioneer’s rating. Plus, you can zoom in on an item closer than the naked eye can see.

replica black hermes bag Ponder color. For the first Birkin, most people want something they can live in – that they can wear with jeans, with a suit, or carry on an airplane. So the most practical choice is neutral, like black, gray, gold or brown. If you can afford a second bag, make it one of the vivid colors that Hermès does so well, like bright red, blue or “orange H” – a company signature color. Hardware, which is a matter of a personal preference, not a matter of value, comes in plated gold or plated palladium (in the platinum family).

fake hermes belt Choose durable leather. Avoid Swift (called Gulliver in earlier versions), which scratches easily and doesn’t hold its shape. The most popular leathers are Clemence and Togo, which are textured. (Of the two, Togo holds its shape better.) Ardennes, discontinued around 1999 and Fjord, still being used, are also very strong and durable. All four of these are scratch-resistant and water-resistant. Callbox and Bernie, two heritage Hermès leathers, develop an attractive patina but will scratch and darken over time.

replica hermes side bag Decide on a price. Figure out the maximum you can afford, factoring in the 25% buyer’s premium that you will have to pay the auction house. No matter how much you want the bag, don’t exceed that number.

Bid live. You don’t necessarily have to be in the room – most people aren’t. You can also bid live over the phone or online (which is increasingly how people participate in auctions).

Don’t jump right in. Let everyone else make their bids. Wait for a pregnant pause in the bidding before you place yours. Even if someone outbids you, stick to your maximum.

replica hermes belts Keep options open. The biggest mistake people without a lot of auction experience make is falling in love with the bag, Rubinger says. “When you have your heart set on one bag, you are going to bid too high.” Having other options helps you keep to your maximum. If your first choice goes for more than you were willing to spend, you will have a backup.

replica hermes canada Of course, things may not come up in the order in which they interest you. The way to handle this is to set maximums in proportion to how much items interest you. But blowing your budget on a second or third choice might leave you short of funds when your first choice comes up for bid. You have to decide which piece you want more and how high you’re going to go.

Finally, remember this is not the last Birkin you will have a chance to buy. If you don’t get your first choice in this sale, you can look forward to the next.

Which Hermes handbag size is right for you?

birkin hermes bag replica As a company, Hermes has come a long way since starting as a specialist saddler and equestrian leather goods manufacturer. Nowadays Hermes is synonymous with high-end luxury fashion, so the brand has gone on an incredible journey in the past century or so, and this includes the types of bags they have created. Ranging from the weekend travel Birkin bag to the hands-free evening bag in the form of the Constance, they have been at the forefront of luxury fashion and design. Furthermore, Hermes are constantly creating new editions of classic bags, and thus as a customer, it may be confusing with the level of different sizes and dimensions of Hermes bags.

replica hermes gypsy bag Firstly, for clarity purposes, it is important to now that the sizes of Hermes bags refer to their width, meaning that a 25cm Kelly is 25cm in width. This is an important distinction as the size of the bag will affect what you can wear with it, what you will use it for and when you will use it.

hermes bag price replica Overall, choosing your first Hermes handbag takes a lot of careful consideration. Whether you dream of a Birkin, have a penchant for Kellys or crave a Constance, you will have another important decision to consider; what size Hermes bag do you want? Read our guide below to find out whether you’re perfect for a 40cm Birkin, Constance Elan or maybe something you have never thought of purchasing.

Hermes Birkin

replica hermes belt bag Coming in four sizes, the Hermes Birkin was originally designed as a weekend travel bag for a style icon and namesake Jane Birkin. Therefore, they tend to be larger than other Hermes bags meaning they are well suited to carry items and valuables alike. Moreover, their double strap allows them to only be carried over the shoulder. The original Birkin is sized at 40cm (40 cm x 30 cm x 21 cm) and is known as the ‘travel Birkin’ such as our Grizzly Blue Thalassa Birkin. This bag is made with comforting barenia and toile leather and is the fantastic size to carry your essentials for a luxurious weekend away.

Hermes Birkin Blue Thalassa 40cm

The impressively sized 40cm Hermes Birkin Blue Thalassa

best hermes replica As years have passed the sizes of Birkins have been adapted and reduced. Thus Hermes also produce Birkins in 25cm, 30cm, and 35cm sizes respectively. The 25cm Birkin (25 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm), often called the ‘Mini Birkin’, was first launched in 2004 and is particularly rare making it a fantastic collector’s item, while the 35cm (35 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm) is one of the most popular Birkin sizes. We have a fantastic 35cm Hermes Birkin Fauve available for purchase. It has a wonderful neutral tone and is spacious enough to make it an ideal day-to-day bag. As Birkin sizes begin to get smaller, they also become fantastic as accompaniments to evening events, such as this exotic 30cm Birkin Himalaya which would draw many admirers. While larger bags tend not to suit evening dress, 30cm Birkins (30 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm) seem to set against this trend.

Hermes Birkin Himalaya 30cm

The sensational 30cm Hermes Birkin Himalaya

Hermes Kelly

replica hermes twilly Before we go into detail about the sizes of the Hermes Kelly, we must raise a distinction between the two types of Kelly; Sellier and Retourne. The Kelly Sellier features external stitching and has a secure and rigid shape, which sees it adored for its angular shape and elegant look. Due to this, Kelly Sellers are more often than not made with firmer leather such as Epsom. Meanwhile, the Kelly Retourne has a softer shape and this is more likely to be reflected in the material used to create the bag, such as swift – a naturally soft leather. In contrast to the Sellier, the Retourne has internal stitching so it appears as if the bag has been turned ‘inside out’, this type of stitching is also found on the Hermes Birkin. Overall, this type of Kelly is fantastic if you want a relaxed, day-to-day Hermes handbag.

hermes bag replica In terms of size, there is a great variety found in Hermes Kellys. They can come in the following 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 28cm, 32cm, 35cm, 40cm, 50cm sizes. While the 40cm (40cm x 28cm x 16cm) and 50cm are more ‘travel bags’ (50cm x 34cm x 25cm), the most popular types of Kelly bags are the 25cm (25cm x 19cm x 9cm), 28cm (28cm x 22cm x 10cm) and the 32cm (32cm x 23cm x 10.5cm). A reason for their popularity is that exude a fantastically chic look, making them ideal for evening socials and high-end events. Their rectangular shape is iconic and a real symbol of luxury. One such Kelly we have at Bags of Luxury is the 32cm Hermes Kelly Pruner. Its deep and alluring purple tone is both sophisticated and stylish.

Hermes Kelly Prunoir 32cm

The authoritative and individual 32cm Hermes Kelly Pruner

birkin bag hermes replica If you are after a slightly smaller size, we have available a rare vintage 28cm Kelly Rouge Vif. Its Parisian rouge red will definitely help you complete the Hermes look. Finally, this fantastic 25cm Turquoise Hermes Kelly is a cute size and its bright shade will add energy and vibrancy to any evening or cocktail dress.

Hermes Kelly Turquoise 25cm

The energizing 25cm Hermes Kelly

Hermes Constance

replica hermes duffle bag If you desire a ‘hands-free’ option, the Hermes Constance with its shoulder strap may be the right bag for you. Somewhat smaller than the Birkin or Kelly, the Constance is the perfect evening bag to carry all your essentials whilst still giving you a luxe edge to your look. The Constance bag comes in the following five sizes: micro, mini, 23cm, 24cm and the ‘elan’ which is slightly longer and wider. An example of this bag would be our incredible Orange Hermes Constance Elan. It is slightly broader than regular Constance bags (25cm x 14cm x 8cm) but still achieves the chic look effortlessly with palladium hardware and in Hermes’ signature orange.

Hermes Constance Elan Orange

The Hermes Constance Elan in signature orange

hermes bags replica However, if you would prefer a slightly squarer evening bag, the Constance Mini is the perfect shape for you. The second smallest type of Constance, the Mini (18cm x 15cm x 4cm) is compact, cute and perfect for casual wear as conveyed by our Hermes Constance Blue Atol Mini.

Hermes Constance Blue Atol Mini

The beautiful Hermes Constance Mini Blue Atol

hermes bracelet replica Alternatively, if you desire a larger Constance handbag this 24cm Hermes Constance (24cm x 15cm x 5cm) would be a fantastic investment. Its soft green hue makes it a perfect staple bag for every fashionista, especially when complemented with luxurious palladium hardware to give it a chic edge.

kelly bag replica If you have decided on your perfect size check out Bags of Luxury lavish range of Birkin, Kelly and Constance handbags. Alternatively, request a stock list since we have an extensive list of bags which are not listed on the website and we receive new bags daily. Alternatively, sign up to our mailing list to keep informed about all the latest bags and pieces. If you want to know more about the different type of unique leathers Hermes handbags available at Bags of Luxury, please read our exotic skins and leather guide.

The Complete Guide To Hermes Bag Styles

replica hermes birkin bag price When you hear the brand Hermes, the chances are you will automatically think of the most famous styles; Birkin, Constance or Kelly. Whilst these are the epitome of luxury and exude stature and class, there are so many more bag styles to the Hermes brand all of which are stunning in their own right.

For this reason, we have put together a comprehensive guide to all of the most popular styles of Hermes bags to help you make a decision when it comes to selecting your next bag.


replica hermes bag 2019 The crème de la crème of the Hermes range, Birkin bags are chic, timeless and highly sought after making them the most popular of the designs. Over the years the Birkin has come in various sizes, colours, and skins, changing and adapting seamlessly to the vogue of the time.

hermes blanket replica As it stands now, the smaller 25cm Birkin has become increasingly popular due to its cute size making it perfect for an evening event or popping out for a quick lunch with the girls. If you’re looking for something slightly bigger, the 30cm is more geared towards everyday wear.

Lady holding pink Hermes Birkin bag


kelly hermes bag replica The Constance bag, popularised by Jackie Kennedy, is a superbly versatile shoulder bag and is far more difficult to source than other bags – particularly now that Hermes keep threatening to discontinue this hands-free style.

replica hermes australia Truly perfect for all occasions, the Constance is a must have staple in any woman’s wardrobe. Team with skinny jeans, Chanel jacket and Alexander McQueen scarf for Parisian day chic, or with your favorite couture dress for an extravagant soirée.

Teal Hermes Constance Bag


replica hermes birkin 35 Whilst the Birkin is the signature of Hermes, in recent years the Kelly has become hugely popular due to its slender shape and strap design making it easier to carry. Opt for a 28cm one to house all of your days to day products or select a smaller size to glamorously compliment any dinner or event outfit.

Pink Hermes Kelly Bags


replica hermes picotin It’s not just the standard Kelly design that has overtaken Birkin’s popularity recently, the Kelly Cut has also shared the limelight – presumably due to its dainty size making it fantastically adaptable and easy to carry.

Whilst the small size is more suited to a dinner or event such as a wedding, it is also ideal for luncheons to house the essentials you need to stay looking chic and sophisticated.

Emerald Hermes Kelly Cut


replica herme bag The Mini Kelly Pochette has become extremely hard to source of late as they are so popular. Everyone seems to love the small bags at the moment and it’s no surprise with high-end designers such as Chloe, Fendi and Louis Vuitton showcasing this style in their Spring 2016 collections.

We are continuously on the search for this style so do get in touch to see what we have available.

Hermes Mini Kelly Pochette Capucine Swift with Palladium Hardware


If you want a clutch with a bit more of an edge then the Medor is for you. With its signature pyramid studs, this gives a more rock n roll feel to any outfit.

Hermes Medor Gris Perle Tadelakt with Palladium


hermes replica bags This is a chic and very versatile clutch which has also become increasingly popular over the last 2 years. Its simple design means it will perfectly compliment any outfit, whilst the signature Hermes ‘H’ adds to its luxuriousness and exclusivity.

Jige Hermes clutch


replica birkin bag hermes price list Whilst the Birkin is the international symbol of Hermes, the Haut à Courroies (HAC) is the original. This bags was designed in the late 1800’s and was initially intended to carry riding boots and other equestrian equipment. However, in today’s world, it is mainly used as a stylish luxury travel bag and is quite popular with men, too.

replica garden party hermes The main difference between the Birkin and HAC is the size; the HAC is much taller and normally comes in sizes of 40cm and above giving you plenty of space for all of your long-haul flight carry on essentials. As well as this, the handles of the Haut à Courroies are shorter than the Birkin due to its intent to be carried in the hand rather than over the arm.



replica birkin bag price If you are looking for something which is casual and functional which is still stylish, the mini Evelyn is ideal. Also on trend at the moment is the mini Evelyn – the tiny size. This style has a long strap to allow you to wear it across your body whilst you pop to a stylish boutique giving you both hands to raid your favorite designer’s rail!

hermes belt replica Currently, we have a mini Evelyn in stock in this glorious yet calming Blue Paradise. Crafted from the finest soft Clemence leather, this bag exudes an effortlessly relaxed appearance. The large H on this style of the bag adds to the luxury and showcases the Hermes brand.



replica hermes taschen Last but not least, is the Jypsiere. This is another refined and easy to wear day bag, perfect for weekends away to your favorite city. And, with its shoulder strap you are free to do whatever you want; shopping in exclusive stores, strolling along the French Rivera or sipping a delectable glass of your preferred champagne. What’s more, this is one of Hermes’ more exclusive styles meaning few people own a Jypsiere bag, adding to its exceptional and luxurious aura.

hermes kelly replica If you are yearning for this perfect day bag, you’re in luck; we currently have a Jypsiere in blue covers and turquoise perfectly matched with palladium hardware and created from wonderfully soft Clemence leather. Enquire today if you are interested in purchasing this bag.

Jypsiere Blue Colvert & Turquoise 28cm Clemence with Palladium

hermes sandals replica Whilst this list isn’t exhaustive of all of Hermes’ superbly sophisticated styles, these are some of the most popular bags and they offer huge versatility no matter what occasion you are using them for.

How to Avoid a Fake Hermes Scam

“Real ladies don’t like fake”

We’ve listed some ways to help authenticate a genuine Hermes bag.

birkin replica Unfortunately, the fake Hermes bag market has been a massive problem for the brand as so many want to own a slice of fashion’s perfection. Despite an admirable “Real ladies don’t like fake” ad campaign counterfeits have also cost France dearly. It’s been reported that it has cost France between 30,000 to 40,000 jobs and €6 billion a year not mention their links to organized crime and drugs. However, with more education, there is hope for those looking to for genuine Hermes creations and at Bags of Luxury, we will always be here to help.

replica hermes bag 2018 With a limited traditional hand-made supply and growing demand for the brand, Hermes has famously needed to be selective with its sales – which can leave many disappointed. For those who can’t wait, a trusted Hermes reseller is the best option for a genuine piece that can be bought regardless of previous experience with the brand. The one outright way to ensure the bag is genuine is to be lucky enough to buy straight from a Hermes showroom. However, as mentioned, not everyone gets this opportunity or at least doesn’t need to sit on a waiting list! We’d advise against buying from any site without a reliable address or buying on sites such as eBay.

Orange Hermes Kelly

Bags of Luxury are committed resellers of authentic Hermes bags and accessories

To kick it off, here are a few basics tips to tell if a Hermès bag is real or fake.

The Packaging

hermes birkin replica We’ll start with the packaging. Just remember, don’t throw it away. Especially if you’d like to gift it or resell later to cash in on your investment! The Hermes signature orange has been with us since the 2nd World War and there are said to 188 sizes.

birkin bag replica Is there an authenticity card inside? Unless it’s an exotic skin product then it’s a fake, Hermes never put authenticity cards inside. An exotic skin Hermes will come with a CITES certificate though so look for that.

replica hermes birkin price Check for any blurring on the logo, it should have fine detail and that it’s the correct design. It should have a double circle surrounding the image of the man and horse. Also, look out for a double line under the horse and the brown drawstring to this bag must be made from 100% cotton.

World Class Leather

replica hermes birkin bag price 2019 Naturally, Hermès only ever use the finest leather taken from its specially sourced suppliers around the world. There should be no doubt about its quality. A Hermes craftsman often takes 2 – 4 days to make one bag by hand.

Does it have rigidity and hold its shape well? Check the type of leather behaves the way you were expecting. Clemence leather will be softer than other types, so do check.

Are the feet evenly spaced apart?

Are there areas where it bulges?

Does the bag look as good on the inside as it does out? The majority of bags are finished in chèvre leather inside.


All Hermes handbags are hand stitched by expert artisans, fake Hermes won’t have the same quality or look machine stitched.

Ensure any zippers inside lying perfectly horizontally against the zip line.

replica hermes usa Are the stitches not perfectly even? Yes? Good. All bags are made by hand by a skilled expert, you should always ensure that the bag looks like it has been handstitched. That means not all stitches will be perfectly even.

replica hermes belt While precise care has been taken in the curation of the bag, not all stitches will be perfectly even and there is a slight slant to the stitches, but check they go in the same direction. If the stitching is flatter and perfectly even, then that shows it’s been made with a machine and it’s a fake.


Your hardware should look sharp and have the correct weight to it.

Are the engravings quite deep? This will be difficult to gauge without comparing to a real Hermes, but the engraving ‘HERMÈS-PARIS’ should be fine and delicate.

Is the ‘e’ accented as ‘è’?

Does the hardware feel cold when out of sunlight? Fakes often use plastics and Hermes bags will only use top quality gold or palladium – never silver as silver can tarnish.

Does the toggle have a smooth action? It should turn smoothly. Fakes often get this wrong and have a rough feel to the movement.


Pay close attention to the markings. Depending on the year the bag has been being made, there are some subtle differences with a couple of recent changes to these in 2016.

Is the Hermes stamp in the right place, clear and the same color as the hardware? You should find the stamp under the flap close to the stitching “Hermès Paris Made in France”.

replica black hermes bag Look on the back of the right closure strap. You’re looking for the blind stamp which is a code to identify the year and the craftsman who made the bag. However, recently in 2016, there have been some changes. The year stamp moved from T to X and the letters are now found inside the bag towards the back left and no longer have a shape around the year stamp.

fake hermes belt Just note, any vintage Hermès before 1970 does not feature any shape or year stamp at all. Between 1997 to 2015 they should be surrounded by a square. If the bag was made between 1971 to 1996 then the letters were encased by a circle.


Last but not least is the clochette. A beautiful signature aspect of the bag and should not be overlooked.

Have you been given two keys?

Was it made with two pieces of leather? No? Good! A Hermes bag will never use two pieces of leather while the and keys should be tall and wide with a good weight to them.

There should be a groove where the key goes into the lock and have a fine engraving of Hermès

replica hermes side bag We wish you the best of luck whatever you decide. However, you can rest assured we are a registered company and that Bags of Luxury always makes thorough checks on every Hermes bag and source from long standing trusted contacts in the industry.